Chain of CommandEdit

The chain of command is designed to more effectively tackle the organisation of a clan as large as the 116th Panzer Division. Please keep this in mind before going to your XO or CO with every problem you have. They have jobs and families to take care of and may not be able to deal with every request. Chances are, you will get more help by asking the respective NCO or officer.

To view our chain of command, please visit this section

To get up to date information on who is covering which position, please refer to this thread in our members-only forums:

There, you will also find a link to a spreadsheet containing all available positions and current NCOs/Officers.

Ranks and AwardsEdit

The ranks within the clan are explained here. A description of all the awards is also available here.

Current GoalsEdit

The clan goals for this year (2011/2012) have been published.