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The Gruppe (Group) was the basic combat and administrative unit within the Luftwaffe’s combat arm. As the first Gruppe within the Jagdgeschwader (Day Fighter-Wing), this squadron maintains it's own independent command, operations, organization, training and personnel, while remaining integrated into the 116th operations.
Unlike the real Luftwaffe, this organization is only dedicated to the fun and enjoyment of it's membership! As a result, the following document outlines the general duties of each of the major position within the Gruppe, it is not to be read as a true military chain-of-command. A large ammount of role-playing has been added to the text in order to better capture the feel of the era.

I.Gruppe Jagdgeschwader 116 "Windhund" is led by a council of peers, creating a basic and concrete structure to allow us to function properly with the entire 116th.

I./JG 116 has established with 4 prominate sub-units: 3 Staffeln (Squadrons), each with 12 aircraft, and 1 Gruppen-Stab (Group Headquarters) comprised of at least 4 aircraft.

One Staffel can be broken down into 3 Schwärme (flights of four aircraft each). And 1 Schwarm can be broken down into 2 Rotte (tactical elements of two aircraft each). Thus, the personal strength of the entire Gruppe is around 40 total aircraft.