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The M4A3E8(76)W "Easy Eight" Sherman was an experimental version of the M4A3 Sherman, which saw service in World War Two. The Easy 8 has significantly better armor, suspension, gun systems, and turret traverse rate then the standard M4A3.


The tank is relatively fast for the tier however, its mobility, turrent traverse rate and the rate of fire of the M1A2 76mm gun are par excellance for the tier.

The following video demonstrates effective employment of the Easy 8 versus a Tiger.

World of Tanks M4 Easy Eight vs Tiger

World of Tanks M4 Easy Eight vs Tiger

M4 Easy 8 vs. Tiger

On the other hand, the Easy 8 armor is a bit thin and the gun does not do a particulary great deal of damge or offer signifincant penetration. It would be fair to say though that when the Easy 8 operates in well trained Wolf Packs it is the T-54 of the tier.


Equip the tank with a rammer and turret stabilizer. Act as a support tank in the early battle waiting to exploit flanking opportunities and close range "knife fights". Upgrade to the M1A2 gun as soon as possible.

Side NoteEdit

The M1A2 with a rammer fires a bit over 1 round every 3 seconds. With two other platoon members driving the same tank your platoon is putting 1 round on target every second.

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