Teamspeak channels

The 116th TS Server

The 116th Panzer Division uses TeamSpeak3 as it's main form of real time communication. This is where you will find us on a daily basis just chatting or being hard at gaming.

Our Teamspeak ServerEdit

Here are the connection details for our server:

port: 4143
password: humbug


port: 4143
password: humbug

Server StructureEdit

The structure and setup is designed to facillitate three different needs. These are Rank Identification and Permissions/Powers control, Player Matching and lastly Functional Permissions and Powers. This is accompliced by the use of TeamSpeak Server Groups.

Ranks, implemented to make it easy to identify other members rank in the clan by the use of an iconic representations. Today the format [116]NAME is sufficient, your rank will be given to you by an officer upon promotion. But your free to add additional information you feel nessesary behind your name if you so like. Ranks carry permissions/powers explained in the spreadsheet.

Game Groups show other members what games you own and play within the 116th. Every 116th member should be part of at least one game group. If you play more then one game within 116th feel free to contact an officer and ask to have those groups added to your service sheet in TS. Game Groups carry permissions/powers explained in the spreadsheet.

Functional Groups help identify different task specific roles within the Division, like Trainer/Mentors, members of Divisional Command and members being part of Tournament play etc. These groups grow as needed and will continously be added/removed to/from to match the needs of the Division. Functional groups carry permissions/powers explained in the spreadsheet.

The groups allow us to control access to various TS channels and distribute permissions/powers within the server. Permissions are also used to control the ability to talk in certain channels such as AFK and keep random coughs and heavy breathing down to a minimum in Clan Meetings.

All promotions are currently handled by members of Divisional Command or Officers, this might be subject to change in the future.

Making ChangesEdit

Server Administrators are held at a minimum to allow for a controlled and documented changes. Any member who feel they need something changed on the TeamSpeak server should write a short RFC (Request For Change) on our forum or in a PM to a Server Admin. The request will be screened by the admin group and a recomendation will be sent to the Divisional Command who then has final word on its implementation and also designate a SA to do the work.

Current Permissions and PowersEdit

All TeamSpeak server rights/permissions and powers are documented in this spreadsheet .



Creating Channels

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me here or on TS and I'll try to answer them.